58 Queen Square is a Centre of Excellence for cosmetic medicine, minor operations and consultations in Bristol and the South West

We provide the perfect facility for consultants to meet with patients and carry out minor surgery; for GPs to find out where they can refer patients, and for patients to find a trusted, experienced surgeon or physician to carry out their treatment.

Mr Antonio Orlando and Mr Nigel Mercer wish to inform their patients and the general public that they are partners of Bristol Plastic Surgery LLP which provides plastic surgery services using 58 Queen Square as their main base for administrative staff as well as for their outpatient activity. They provide inpatient activity from Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, Spire Bristol Hospital and BMI Bath Clinic. Mr Mercer and Mr Orlando have a vested interest in 58 Queen Square as part owners of the building as well as Directors and shareholders of the company 58 Queen Square Ltd which operates the clinic facilities at 58 Queen Square.